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Creating Custom Spaces

Berneking Design Build is a influential Architecture Firm in the surrounding St. Louis area. Berneking Design Build designs inspirational structures with people in mind. As a 30 + year firm, we find inspiration in innovative and sustainable projects. Our vision is for our design to change the world. We welcome you to contact us and learn more about what we do.

Frontier Integrated Health South East Rendering.jpg

Medical Center

March 2021

This space was designed for a health center...The customer wanted a warm inviting feel for his patients, and a look that would outlast and endure time.  The one of a kind look brings an updated approach to the area in which it was built...This look was achieved by using several exterior applications, thus making a distinct and impressive look that really appeals to the eye.

Daycare Facility

January 2020

A space designed for the little tykes in mind...This facility has everything a tyke could dream of.  To spacious school rooms, bright colored play areas and state of the art playground equiptment.  Restrooms are equipped with handicapped accessibility for all ages.  Security and monitoring systems are throughout this facility.

Rendering Unlabled Northwest Corner 04-1


January 2020

The Burger King Renovation is definitely designed to impress and indulge people that are on the go! From the reactions of visitors, it manages to do just that. Our design made sure to provide easy access to handicapped visitors all while maintaining a regal and old favorite look.


January 2020

We designed this two story home with a modern, clean look that is both practical and inspirational. The Outside living offers a unique and enjoyable experience suited for all guests, no matter their age. Berneking Design Build LLC was inspired by the region’s architecture and natural environment and our team decided to base the design of the project on those elements.